fyi: lemon bars

You see those lemons? We have a bunch growing in our backyard…faster than I can pick ’em so it’s time to do something with them! I have a sweet tooth so how about some baking?? Lemon bars are one of my favorite desserts, not only because I prefer fruity treats over chocolate (yes, I did say that!!) but also because it reminds me of when I made my first batch. My mom and I went crazy in the kitchen, making over 100 bars for an 7th grade teacher appreciation event when I started junior high. Ah, I still remember how yummy they turned out! :)

So, I need a recipe that will preserve that fond memory…and thanks to Pinterest, I did! Here’s the one I used, which is pretty much perfect! Two tips I have:

  • Cut up the butter into slices when you make the crust mixture.
  • When mixing the crust mixture, it’s done when it’s crumbly. With my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, it took about 1-2 mins, starting at speed level one and working my way up to speed level four.

Perfect little treat to complete my Pinterest recipe challenge!


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