diy: easy buffet table stand

As promised, today’s post is a continuation of my previous post on Easter decorations I helped put together at my church.  Normally, there are bagels, donuts, coffee and tea but since this was a celebratory occasion, we went all out! We bought a bunch of scrumptious breakfast pastries and fresh fruit but did not have very much space to set them on. So, I made a buffet table stand!

The table stand served two functions: it gave me more space to put more food on the tables and it brought dimension to the buffet table, elevating guests’ eyes upwards at the bounty of treats. The table stand was really easy to make and cheap, too! I bought two vibrant fuschia pots from Ikea, turned them upside down, and placed a long picture frame on top. The 12″x30″ picture frame was from Michaels and I gave it a home-y look by putting in three 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.

Another table stand I made was using a large candy jar/vase and setting a tray on top. First, I filled the jar with confetti grass and colorful Easter eggs.  Next, I secured the tray by first creating a grid of duct tape over the opening of the vase and then taping the bottom of the tray onto the grid. Those donuts were not going anywhere except into happy stomachs! :)


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