diy: giant tissue paper flowers

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to decorate my church for Easter. Awesome, right?? Well, being the Type A that I am, that meant I only had 8 days to pull something together…yikes! Thankfully, our large band and 40-person gospel choir took up most of the stage so I only focused on one side of the stage. Decor on a tight budget is always a challenge, but one I’m always up for and to be honest, I actually get really excited about! I know, I’m a DD (decor dork)! :P

So, what can I make in a few days but have a pretty large visual impact? Giant tissue paper flowers!! I saw something similar on Pinterest a few days prior (thank goodness for Pinterest!) and thought these ginormous flowers would be perfect as our Easter stage decorations!

Wanna make ’em? Well, I pretty much followed these instructions but below are some of tweaks I made and some helpful hints:

  • Right off the bat, I ixnayed the first step…pouring concrete. Not enough time on my schedule. Instead, I filled up the cup with stones that I found outside the church and sealed the cup with lots of masking tape. Way faster!
  • Skipping the Spanish Moss and hot glue gun part. Remember, I said I was on a tight budget. So, instead, I just cut a round 6″ circles from black scrapbook paper that I already had and made 3″ long cuts (about every 1/4″) from the edge to the center. Then, curled the strips towards the center.
  • The stucco corner is pretty stiff so use a wrapping paper roll to help you form the stem shape.
  • For a natural stem look, bend the stems once or twice but do so gently!
  • For each leaf, I used tape instead of glue. It’s much faster and probably less messy.
  • I cut about 4 of the large petal size, 6 of the medium petal size, and 4 of the small petal size. If you still have extra sheets of tissue paper, you might as well cut more petals.
  • With the scraps, make mini flowers! See the little flowers (though, they’re not that little…maybe 7-8″ in diameter) at the foot of the cross.

Here are some bonus photos of the festive food table I helped put together. I’ll write more about those decorations in a later post. I love how the photos captured the colorfulness of the decor!


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7 thoughts on “diy: giant tissue paper flowers

  1. What a great idea Christine!!! Love the flowers. They are so beautiful and so enormous!!! You did a fantastic job decorating the stage!!! Looking forward to seeing how you made the other table decorations! ~Sophia

  2. I love the giant tissue paper flowers! However, I couldn’t find the size of the petal patterns. I even clicked on the link to the original post on pinterest and it also omitted the sizes to cut the petals. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Julie! The size of the petals are totally up to you! I basically made my “large” petal size the entire height of the tissue paper I bought from Target. I would say each large petal was about 24″ tall by 8″ wide. For medium or small petals, I just eye-balled it and sized those proportionately. Try to buy tissue paper that isn’t super thin as it may have trouble holding up.

      Hope that helps! Good luck!!

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