diy: carrot taper candle

It’s been gloomy around here (yes, the sun doesn’t always shine in sunny Southern California) and the inside of our house felt the same way. Time to revitalize and add some color!

Easter is just around the corner so that was the theme of our tablescape. Most of the decor were items we had saved over time but there’s a new addition to our spring decor collection…a carrot taper candle! This DIY project was inspired by World Market’s version and super easy to make.

MAKE IT! You will need:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Permanent adhesive tape
  • Green ribbon
  • Orange taper candle (bought mine on sale from Pier 1 for $1.20 each)

1 – CUT RIBBON. The length of the ribbon depends on how deep your taper candleholder is. You may need to put your taper into the candleholder to decide on your length. FYI – our taper candleholders are from Ikea so I made my ribbon pieces each 5″ long.

2 – TAPE ENDS TOGETHER. Using the adhesive tape runner, I tape the ends together.

3 – COVER CANDLE END (OPTIONAL). My candleholders are clear so I needed to wrap the green ribbon over the bottom of the taper candles to hide the orange color.

4 – TAPE “STEMS”. Again, using the handy dandy adhesive tape runner, I tape the “stems” onto the candle, right where my wrapped ribbon ended.

5 – FINAL WRAP. Cut one piece of ribbon that will wrap around the circumference of your candle. Run the adhesive tape runner on the backside of your ribbon and place the ribbon over the “stems” for a finished look.

6 – PINCH. A quick pinch of the “stems” helps make them look less round/bouncy. Can’t think of the right word at the moment but you know what I mean, right?? :)

I’m pretty happy on how it turned out. It’s so cute I don’t think I’ll ever light the candle! :) Happy Easter!!


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