fyi: bog50% home decor at target

Ladies, I apologize in advance if the news I’m about to give you worsens your shopping addiction or you get the “really? you REALLY needed that?” look from your husbands. But it’s news I cannot hold back.

Target is having a “Buy One, Get One 50%” home decor sale!! Can you imagine the possibilities and savings?? I literally spent a half hour zig-zagging through just three aisles trying to mix and match items. Sometimes, I wonder if Target’s security watches me from the camera room and thinks I’m a crazy and indecisive shopper. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my husband’s eyes), I walked into Target not knowing about this sale and had already picked up a hand basket so I only bought what I could carry out.

I’ve been trying to redecorate our house interior with a fresh look so I was stoked to buy a pillow that I’ve been eyeing for the past few months (the blue one). And since the deal requires two items, I picked up another fun pillow! Got both for $33!  Say hello to my two new vibrant friends!


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