fyi: chocolate chip banana nut muffins

Happy Friday friends! :) What are your plans this weekend? It’s going to be nearly 80 degrees here in sunny Southern California (yay!) so I think hubby and I should play outdoors! We’ve been doing a lot of walking/hiking and exploring local trails, something we haven’t done since we’ve moved to our new house two years ago!

I made these killer muffins and I have to share this yummy and super easy recipe with you! As part of my cooking/baking resolution, I found the recipe via Pinterest. The recipe is perfect, no need to stray from it! I didn’t have regular-size chocolate chips on hand so I used the mini ones, which is just as good. Since I was lacking some chocolate (you can never have too much chocolate, right??), I drizzled some chocolate on top. The muffin was perfect for breakfast and dessert! :)

Sorry, I have no pictures of my muffins…they are all gone!!! That’s how GOOD they are!


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