diy: happy valentine’s day!

Today’s post is a double whammy so prepare yourselves!! :)

Yesterday, I took the day off because I was becoming very cranky with work and was going to lose it if I got one more email needed it. It was Mental Mending Monday for me, which consisted of hitting up Home Goods for retail therapy, lounging on the sofa watching HGTV for creative inspiration, and stopping by my hubby’s work for a Valentine’s surprise. It was a good day! :) To top it off, hubby and I made Valentine’s Day cookies for our work, inspired by the “I  NY” sign. Yummy!

Since love is in the air, I also made another Valentine’s Day card! I’ve had these opaque Martha Stewart confetti hearts for over four years now and have not found any use for it aside from confetti but I think I found purpose for them! It’s a very simple card but I love it because it’s whimsical and I’ve never made something so dimensional like this before!

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3 thoughts on “diy: happy valentine’s day!

  1. Sometimes you just have to go shopping and craft away. It’s the best therapy! Love the card!!! It’s a very cute and fun design. Not to mention the cookies look delicious!!! All the best! ~Sophia

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