diy: perfect drawer liners

Happy Saturday everyone! :)  I recently snatched up an awesome vintage dresser a la Craigslist but it came with perfume-scented liners (yikes!). So, out with the old lady paper and in with new and fresh liners! BUT WAIT…how do I put in liners for my dresser that bows in the front?

* Light bulb! *

I grabbed a paper bag, cut down the middle of the sides to open the bag. I kept the bottom piece and flatten the entire bag so that I had one large piece. Then, I placed the flattened bag in the drawer, pushing one corner to  the inside back corner of my drawer. Since my paper bag was larger than my drawer, I outlined the drawer shape onto the bag using the end of a pen like a paper scorer. I did this first because the paper bag material is thick and by scoring it first, this ensures I have the closest fit before I actually trace it with ink. Once the scoring was close to the drawer’s shape, I traced and cut out the template.  Lastly, I placed the template in the drawer to check the fit…oh, so close! After making a few trims here and there (mostly along the bowed side), my template was perfect!

For my liners, I used decorative adhesive Contact paper in my favorite color…green! :)


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