diy: love letters subway art

This past weekend, hubby watched the big football game (he’s a big 49ers fan) while I crafted away on his Valentine’s Day gift knowing he would be too fixated on the game to come upstairs! Ha! :)

Inspired by all the cute subway art I’ve seen on Pinterest, I made one for my hubby using lines from letters we wrote each other when we were dating.  It was certainly a walk down memory lane re-reading all those letters, some of which were written nearly a decade ago! Can you believe how time flies?

Subway art is super easy to make…for this project, I bought a clearance 11×14 frame at Home Goods for $5, made my graphic using PowerPoint (slide sized at 11×17, text box sized at 8×11), printed it on 11×17 paper, trimmed the paper to fit the frame size and voila! An inexpensive yet priceless gift! :)

:: UPDATE:: Want this sweet print in your home? Or how about giving it as a gift? No problem! It is now available for purchase at my etsy shop!

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10 thoughts on “diy: love letters subway art

    • Hi Kelsey! Thanks! I was able to print it on a large printing machine at my work. But I think any print store, like Kinko’s, Staples, etc, would be able to do it! Good luck! :)

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