diy: chinese new year red envelope printable

From one holiday and onto the next one…Chinese New Year! As an ABC (American Born Chinese), I love sharing my heritage with my non-asian friends so you bet I’ll be making a big fuss about The Year of the Dragon come January 23! :)

Chinese New Year falls after the January 1 New Year date because it’s based on the lunar calendar. It’s probably my favorite Chinese holiday as it’s a two-week long celebration filled with family gatherings, LOTS of food, red envelopes (though I don’t receive these anymore now that I’m married…darn!), festive decorations, and more food. :) Didn’t I say I live to eat??

As a child, I always looked forward to getting red envelopes! I didn’t really get allowances growing up so you can imagine how excited I got getting money in cute little red envelopes! So, I decided to make a red envelope printable so YOU TOO can get excited! Unless you live near an Asian market, it’s a little hard to find these envelopes but now you can print them from your home! Happy Chinese New Year! :)

{ download red envelope printable }


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6 thoughts on “diy: chinese new year red envelope printable

  1. So pretty. We have American friends living in China so this would be great to send to them as they celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow so convenient! I thought I was going to have to make some by hand! and I was going to make hundreds you are a life saver THANK YOU!

    ps. soooo cute!

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