fyi: new twist in 2012

Happy New Year all! Only a day in and it’s already been a great start! Let me count the ways…it’s a warm 75 degrees here in Southern California, a three-day weekend of pure relaxation, and I’ve been cooking away in the kitchen (testing four new recipes in two days!). Ever since we moved in the opposite direction of my work office, it’s been hard finding time and motivation to cook after sitting thru 40-60 minutes of traffic. Thank God for my sweet hubby who has graciously accepted our role reversals and made wonderful meals that are ready to eat when I get home. For those who don’t know me, I have a motto: I eat to live and live to eat!

Funny thing: my recent cooking spree didn’t begin out of self desire. I needed a quick and fun recipe for a New Years Eve party and as I was about to look for a recipe in my cookbooks/magazines, I saw a delicious appetizer on Pinterest! Oh, Pinterest, how you always inspire!

It started with just one recipe (which I’ll post later), which led to making another Pinterest recipe, and now the start of a new twist in this blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one that saves more recipes than actually making them so 2012 is when I’ll put my sweet and savory intentions into action. Here’s my plan: I will make at least two Pinterest recipes each month this year and if I get fireworks in my mouth (like the scene from Ratatouille movie!!), I’ll post them as FYIs and include any comments/cooking tips.

I know this is a New Year’s resolution I can actually keep and at the same time tastefully enjoy! YUM!!! I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and make some more new and exciting dishes!! [I think I just saw my hubby fist pump and dance for joy. ;) ]


2 thoughts on “fyi: new twist in 2012

  1. Nice! I definitely pin recipes wondering if I’ll ever make them or if I’ll forever be left in an insatiable state of drooling.

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