diy: holiday card with gift card pocket

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!

2012 is just around the corner and I can’t wait for new and exciting things the New Year will bring! :)

I have been ultra busy this holiday season as we spent Christmas over on the east coast. Sadly, there was no white Christmas for us (can you believe I have never seen snow fall?!) but we did go ice skating outside!

Today’s post is a little late as it’s featuring a Christmas card but the design of the card can be used for any occasion. The inside features gift card pocket, which looks nicer and cleaner than throwing in a gift card with its paper backing. All you have to do is cut a sheet of paper that is a little larger than your gift card, wrap it around your card, put double-sided tape on the back side of your pocket, and stick it onto your card. You can even add a cute little embellishment on top to give the pocket a little flair. And that’s it!


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