diy: thanksgiving placecards printable

Thanksgiving is in less than a week! A lot of prepwork goes into turkey day so how about getting a head start this weekend on an easy table decor piece…a festive Thanksgiving placecard! Here is a printable that lets you enter your guests’ names or if you’re feeling extra crafy, handwrite it in!

With this printable, you can make these placecards in less than 30 minutes (well, depending on how many guests you’re having)!

MAKE IT! You will need:

  • White or light colored cardstock
  • Scissors or paper slicer
  • Ribbon/raffia
  • Xacto knife
  • Dried wheat stalks (got mine from…duhh, Michaels)

1 – PRINT. Fill out the printable and print on your cardstock. Each sheet makes six placecards. NOTE: Text will appear upside-down on the bottom row. Since most home printers don’t print full-bleed, I wanted to make sure the front face of the placecards don’t get cut off. This printable home printer-friendly. :)

2 – CUT. Fastest way to cut out your placecards is using a paper slicer.

3 – SLICE. Left of your guest’s name, use the xacto knife to cut two slits (wide enough as your ribbon/raffia).

4 – BOWTIE. Insert your ribbon through the slits (I recommend making your ribbon piece at least 6″, you can always cut off the ends if it’s too long). Place your wheat stalk on the placecard and tie a bowtie securing the stalk to the placecard. And you’re done! :)


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