diy: halloween tulle wreath

A couple weekends ago was craft time with my dear friend and fellow crafter Anna. We made a Halloween-themed tulle wreath inspired by Our Best Bites, with a minor tweak. Instead of the styrofoam wreath, we used wooden embroidery hoops (they are a third of the cost!).

This is a pretty easy project! You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Wreath: 12″ wood embroidery hoops
  • Tulle: 6″ Black tulle (two rolls)
  • Ribbon: Celebrate It Halloween and Harvest collections  (from Michaels)
  • Hanging decoration: Halloween sign/decor (from Michaels)

Follow the steps on Our Best Bites with these helpful hints:

  • Anna and I sped up the prepping process by wrapping the tulle around a 1/2″ binder’s front cover until we ran out of tulle, then cut the two sides (along the top/bottom edges of the binder), and voila, we have tulle strips!

  • When you tie the first knot, align the two ends along the rim of the hoop (see picture below). This way, your tulle will stick straight up from the hoop, not out to the side.

  • Another way we figured out will help keep your tulle shoot straight out is by tying the second knot the same manner you tied the first knot.

My front door is now complete with a spooky spiderweb and a boo-tiful wreath! Yay! :)


4 thoughts on “diy: halloween tulle wreath

  1. Love the wreath, it looks fantastic! I like that you used the wooden ring over the Styrofoam which does get pretty pricey. I would also think this would make it more durable. I’m going to have to make one of these for the next Halloween. ~Sophia

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tip on how to wrap the tulle on a binder to save time cutting the strips. This saved so much time. Since I was cutting 14″ strips, I used an 11 x 14 foam board and that worked great to! Thanks again!

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