diy: twist n’ scarf

Another reason why I love fall is because it’s the start of scarf season! I think it’s one of the best ways to accessorize while staying warm…multi-purpose all the way! So since I wear scarves quite often, I was trying to come up with a new way to wear them and thought I’d share a fun new look, which I’m calling “twist n’ scarf”!

This style is perfect for scarves that are a tad too long or fluffy (like the mustard yellow scarf in the picture but you couldn’t tell with the twist style!). I think it’s also a great way to give a solid color scarf a little extra dimension. Here’s how to do it:

Twist N’ Scarf:

1 – Hang your scarf around your neck with the two ends hanging down in front. Now take one end and wrap it around your neck. Both ends should hang in front and you should have a nice loop around your neck. This is a pretty common way to wear a scarf.

2 – Pull the loop down so that it hits the middle of your chest.

3 – Take one end and wrap it around the loop until you’ve reached the midpoint of your loop. Take the other end and do the same. Note: if you want your twist to be more defined (like in the first and last picture), twist the ends before wrapping it around the loop.

4 – Take the two ends and make a knot. If your scarf is long enough, you can knot it around the loop. Adjust the knot until you like how it looks! And that’s it!


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