diy: halloween spiderweb window decoration

YAY! October is here and that means my favorite holiday is just around the corner!! Ever since I was a kid, Halloween was serious business, from the decorations to the trick-or-treating tactics. There was a wealthy neighborhood nearby so we (the kids) always used pillowcases to hold our sugary treats. I told you it was serious business.

Last year was our first year in our new home and hanging the white fake spiderwebs was quite difficult as there weren’t enough “hooks” to hang the webs so I wanted to do something different this year. I saw Martha Stewart’s window clings at my local craft store (see above right) and thought I DIY it up and make my own spiderweb window decoration using yarn. I’m actually quite pleased on how it came out!

This DIY project is super easy and economical! It cost me less than $2!

1 – You will need:

  • Black yarn
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

2 –
Start with the framework.
Working from the inside of your home, cut several pieces of yarn that fits across your window. Tape the ends of the yarn to the window frame, not the actual window, so that the tape is hidden. Make the yarn pieces overlap at the same point somewhere near the middle. Using the end of one piece of yarn, grab all the yarn at that middle point and tie a knot to hold it all together. Pull the other end of the yarn towards the window frame and tape it down. You now have a framework!

3 – Knot away!
Start somewhere about 4-5 inches away from the middle. You will need a long piece of yarn…I didn’t measure but I would suggest making it at least 3′ long. Take one end and knot it to one of the legs of the framework. Depending on how you made the knot, you may notice it looks better to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Knot your long piece of yarn to the framework legs as you make your way around the framework.  Remember to make your knots the same as you go around. Eventually you will run out of yarn so when you make your last knot, cut off excess yarn. Be creative with your web pattern!  You can make the web as tight as you want or a little asymmetrical! Have fun with it! And don’t forget to fill in the middle since you started kinda in the middle of the framework.

Lastly, add a hanging spider! It’s a spiderweb after all! :)


14 thoughts on “diy: halloween spiderweb window decoration

  1. OH MY GOSH…………. This is awesome. I found you at “Centsational Girl” also and thought why not check it out. Really glad I did since I am doing the house up this week with the grandkids. Thanks so much fo shareing this tutorial.

    Have an awesome day

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