diy: baby shower goodies!

Today is the day! My co-worker’s baby shower is today and I get to finally have fun putting up all the decorations I’ve worked on since last month! :)

The theme is space and I had a “blast” (har har, how I love puns!) figuring out the design elements of the event. As always, I started with a color palette. I didn’t want to use dark colors because when I think of baby shower, I envision sweetness and cheerfulness, but not overly dainty as the baby is a boy, the shower is co-ed, and again, the theme is space. So, here are the colors I chose:

I saw a really cool and simple project on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect at the shower. It’s a hanging mobile with circular discs hanging from it, which I thought could represent planets. Here are the instructions. Coincidentally, it was used for a baby shower! On a side note, I think it’s important to always incorporate different levels of visual interest so these hanging mobiles will definitely draw the guests’ eyes up, almost as if they’re looking up into the outer space!

There’s also the rocket-shaped diaper cake, a spin-off of the traditional diaper cake. This was a trial-and-error project but those are always the best because once you’re finished, you get the biggest grin on your face. :]  If you follow the instructions here, it probably will take you less than an hour! And this cost less than $30!

I’ve been sick and jetlagged for the past couple days, so I’ve been in bed at grandma hours so last night was my only night to make a quick banner. Printables have come a looooong way so thank goodness for Supermom and this amazing baby shower printable. Check out the other fun stuff on their blog – I bet you’ll bookmark the blog just like I did!

Another fun item are popcorn bags, which I called “Meteor Rocks” to keep with the space theme. Super easy and totally versatile (you can change the label to say whatever you want).

Lastly, I think any party should include laughter so I made some “fun-ny” mad libs. Some of the co-workers couldn’t make it so I went around yesterday asking them to fill these out so that they can still participate in the baby shower celebration. And the parents-to-be can remember these silly stories by putting them in a scrapbook!


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