diy: rocket diaper cake

3, 2, 1… Liftoff!!!

I’m planning a space-themed baby shower for a co-worker and thought it would be super cool to make a unique diaper cake in the shape of a rocket. I’ve never made one before so I instantly searched online (I heart Google) for the necessary supplies and instructions. To my surprise, they’re fairly easy and quick to make!

Here, my DIY friends, is how to make a rocket diaper cake that is “out of this world”…har har, sorry, I couldn’t help it!

1 – Get your supplies ready!

2 – For the bottom layer, stack two diapers on top of each other and roll them together. Keep them together with a rubberband. For the other tiers, I only rolled one diaper.

3 – Place the snack canister in the middle of your plate/tray/whatever is going to hold your cake. Wrap the canister with the rolled diapers using a large rubberband to hold it all together. TIP: Hide the diaper seams on the inside so the outside of your tiers look smooth.

4 – Two tiers fit around each canister. When you’re done with the first two tiers, use duct tape to secure the second canister on top of the first canister.

5 – Keep wrapping your canisters with rolled diapers. Every so often, fix each tier to make sure the diapers are straight, aka perpendicular to your plate. Yes, I just got a little nerdy and used a math terminology.

6 – Stack ’em up! I stacked each diaper directly on top of the one below it so that they supported each other. This picture shows 6 tiers but when I finished the project, I actually only used 5 tiers. The bottom 4 tiers are correct in the picture  but for the 5th/top tier, I only used one diaper because of the cone tip. The beauty of DIY projects: you learn as you go!  Anyways, I secured the single rolled diaper to the top of the second canister with…yup, duct tape. 

7 – Although the printed diapers were cute, it was a little distracting so I wrapped my diaper cake with tissue paper and used regular scotch tape to hold it in place. TIP: Fold your tissue paper once or twice so that the print doesn’t show through.

8 – To make the cone tip, cut out a circle (I used a plate as my template). Then, make a straight cut towards the center of the circle and overlap the cut edges of the line to make a cone. I used tape to hold the cone piece together. FYI – this piece is loose for now since I’m thinking it might be easier to transport this rocket in two separate pieces.

9 – Add some flair! I used baby blue tissue paper and wrapped one diaper roll to make the rocket side pieces, which I taped to the rocket. TIP: Always try to tape to the backside of the rocket so the front looks “flawless”. For additional flair, consider wrapping another layer of colorful tissue paper, like the red and white-striped tissue paper I used. And finally, I added the baby’s initial to the rocket. See below.

Diapers: I used Pampers but any brand is fine. I used size 1 (I’m not a mom but apparently these are pretty commonly used since not all babies will start with the Newborn size). This cake used 44 diapers.
Inner Core: I stacked two baby snack canisters on top of each other
Tissue Paper: I used three colors (white tissue paper, red+white striped, and baby blue)
Ribbon: Blue glitter ribbon (bought at Michaels craft store)
Other: Scrapbook paper to make the baby’s initials and top of the rocket. Duct tape for taping purposes. Plate (aka launch pad…it’s a space theme after all) to hold the diaper cake. Large rubber bands.


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