diy: jewelry frame

a couple years ago, i bought a really cute jewelry box from urban outfitters but fast forward to today and not only am i running out of space but i’m also getting my earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all tangled up. i’m sure all you ladies know what i’m talking about! so, enough was enough, i decided to do something about it!

although i like jewelry tree holders, i wanted to be crafty and thought a jewelry frame would be easy to personalize. a quick google search led me to several sites where most folks use chicken wire. i had the hardest time finding chicken wire or wire mesh (michaels was out of stock like foreverrrrrrr) so i didn’t want to wait anymore and went with the foam board method.

how to create a foam board jewelry frame:

  1. find a frame that fits your style and is wide enough to “frame” your jewelry. btw, i used the 40% off coupon @ aaron brothers! or you can also use a recycled frame!
  2. cut your foam board to fit the window of your frame
  3. cut your scrapbook papers to fit the same dimensions of your cut foam board. if you’re using paper that is not the same size as your frame and also picky like me, think ahead! cut your papers carefully so that the pattern on the pages line up with each other.
  4. adhere the papers onto the foam board. i used scrapbooking adhesive tape.
  5. assemble the frame (as you would with a picture)

that’s it! best of all, it took me approx. 15 minutes to assemble, from start to finish!! what i love about this frame is that i can change the scrapbook paper as often as i want! versatility, gotta love it! =)

Aaron Brothers – Adel (11 x 14 frame)
Colorkbok – Friendly Forest Patterned Papers (12″ x 12″)
Foam Board:
Elmer’s Foam Board, 20 x 30 x 3/16″
Other: Corsage Pins


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